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Fleetwood Macked

The Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band 
One of rock’s most successful hit making machines Fleetwood Mac's performance history comes to life with this visually and sonically uncanny tribute…
Hailed as the most authentic Fleetwood Mac tribute band in the U.S., Fleetwood Macked brings your favorite songs like...“Go Your Own Way”, “Don’t Stop”, “Rhiannnon” and “Landslide” to the stage with a performances that bring audiences to their feet and back to the heyday and most popular line-up of  the great Fleetwood Mac.
If you are looking for the most authentic Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band, Fleetwood Macked is an all ages show suitable for Theaters, Concerts Halls, Amusements Parks, Summer Concert Series', Parks, Casinos, Corporate Events,  Clubs, and Private Events.

Join us on Facebook to become part of the Fleetwood Macked family or track our concert schedule on "Bandsintown" here Fleetwood Macked Concert Schedule !fLEETWOODmAC tRIBUTE bAND fLEETWOOD mAC tRIBUTE bAND fLEETOOD MAC tRIBUTE bAND fLEETWOOD mAC tRIBUTE bAND

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What people are saying about Fleetwood Macked

Rick Frost I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing the Fleetwood Macked Show, within the past couple of months, and they are truly amazing! A packed house, as is par for the course, everywhere they appear, I was absolutely mesmerized by Hillary Epstein's moves, mannerisms and vocals! It was like watching Stevie Nicks. The band has the repertoire of Fleetwood Mac Tunes down cold and if you close your eyes, you'll swear that Sue Rowe and Hillary Epstein, are in reality, Christy McVie and Stevie Nicks. But, you don't want to keep your eyes closed to long, because you'll miss the whirling dirvish of Epstein, who has Stevie's moves so perfectly replicated. In the world of suspended disbelief, in which you rely on your senses alone, it is easy to believe, you have been taken back in time and are watching the original Fleetwood Mac! I had heard they were the "ultimate Fleetwood Mac Cover Band " - having experienced their show - I now know they are exactly that!!! This is a band you don't want to miss!
Charlene Lebo Awesome band! They played for a Night of Music 2015. It was like Fleetwood Macked was there.
Jimi Fritz You MUST check out this FM Tribute band.Fleetwood Macked will DELIVER!!!!!

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Tumblr Trivia answer:

The classic lineup of Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood, Nicks, Buckingham, Christine and John McVie – was actually the 10th lineup of the band. This was the most stable and successful version of Fleetwood Mac. This lineup produced five studio albums between 1976 and 1987, and reunited for The Dance in 1997. 

"Tell me stuff, tell me sweet little stuff..."

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Rhiannon's Moon

We could not have asked for a better night for the Long Beach Summer Concert Series show we did last week. The waves were crashing behind us, a few thousand beautiful, warm, fun and awesome people were with us on the beach and we were all under the most spectacular full moon! It was as though Rhiannon herself was spreading golden light down on us.
The band and the crowd had so much fun, much singing and dancing :)...thank you for being such a wonderful gracious audience and thank you to the wonderful City of…Read more
New paramount

The Paramount-A Tale of Two Stevie's (or Steve LOL!)

Surpassing all expectations, last Friday night at The Paramount was more fun than anyone should be allowed to have! Voyage and ourselves were not sure who had a better time, the bands or the fans. A highlight for me was 1,600 beautiful people singing "Landslide" with me...a totally magically moment that brought tears to my eyes. The energy and love in the room was just incredible...a sea of smiling faces sharing their love of Fleetwood Mac, Journey and supporting live music with all their heart and souls.
Read more
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An Enchanting Spring has begun!

Hello Everybody!!! Well it is looking like spring is finally here...the sun is brighter, the flowers are beginning to bloom and there is a brand new bunch of Fleetwood Macked shows  on the horizon. We will be returning to some favorites...the  legendary BB Kings NYC,  the amazing Paramount, Huntington (with good friends, the incredible Voyage), Resortsworld Casino... and we are very excited about some new beautiful venues like 41 Bridge Street Live in beautiful Collinsville CT!!! 
We are so blessed to have…Read more

A Big Thank You :)

The musician world is actually pretty small and the tribute world even smaller. We have been so blessed to share the stage with so many talented bands, none more amazing than Voyage:The Ultimate Journey Tribute band featuring Hugo. As amazing as these guys are as musicians they are just as great as people when they put their instruments down. So this Blog is a big shout out to our very good friends in Voyage. We are looking forward to joining you at The Paramount on June 3rd guys! And we are also looking…Read more
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2016-Have No Fear...Have Only Love

When we collectively had first decided to declare our love and devotion to the great Fleetwood Mac in the most profound way we could think of...a Tribute Band to... we never thought it would take us on such an amazing journey. Fleetwood Macked has brought us to places we never thought we'd see, experience things we never thought we'd experience and most importantly introduced us and forge relationships with some of the most incredible people we would not have met if not for our shared love of Fleetwood Mac.…Read more